Buffet & Café Linkosuo

Welcome to Buffet & Café Linkosuo for breakfast, coffee, lunch or snacks!

Buffet & Café Linkosuo is right in the heart of the city, on the premises of the old tax office on the corner of Hämeenkatu and Näsilinnankatu. Buffet & Café Linkosuo’s trump cards are Finnish home cooking and a warm atmosphere. In addition to the changing daily lunch, Buffet & Café Linkosuo serves a rich breakfast.

The high-quality restaurant hall is also very suitable for parties. We reserve Kuparisali in the evenings and at weekends for subscription use. Check out the banquets.

On the 9th floor of the house there is a sauna department (Näsin sauna), which can be booked via Linkosuo. In connection with the sauna, there are meeting rooms for about 20 people.
Check out our sauna menu!

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8: 00-14: 30

Space can be rented for evening events by appointment on both weekdays and weekends.

Näsilinnankatu 26
33200 Tampere

Phone 020 770 2481
Email:  BuffetCafe@linkosuo.fi
Restaurant Manager: Enni Saarni

Linkosuon asiakaspalvelu- ja palautesivu

Breakfast on weekdays from 08:00 to 10:00

Porridge breakfast €2.20
contains porridge, jam, milk and sugar

The starter of the morning is €6.90
includes coffee/tea, fresh juice, two Karelian pies and an egg

Lunch from 11:00 to 13:30

Buffet lunch €10.50
Soup lunch €9.10
Soup €7.10

Senior lunch €8.90
Children 1–4 years €1/year
Children’s lunch 5–11 years €6.50

Lunch list

Week 4

Monday 24.01
Broileria siiderikastikkeella G, L
Paistettua nuudelia L
Punajuuriröstit & auracreme G, L
Tomaatti-vuohenjuustokeitto G, L
Tuesday 25.01
Häränmurekepihvit metsäsienikastikeella G, L
Lohkoperunat G, L
Tonnikalapastavuoka L
Porkkana-inkiväärikeitto G, L
Wednesday 26.01
Karamellisoitua possua barbequekastikkeessa G, L
Kermaperunat G, L
Kasvis-kaalikääryleet & puolukkahillo G, L
Makkarakeitto G, M
Thursday 27.01
Uuniperuna savulohitäytteellä G, L
Kievinkana bearnaiskastikkeella G, L
Riisi G, L
Hernekeitto G, L
Friday 28.01
Jauheliha-nachovuoka cheddarkastikkeella, salsalla ja jalopenoilla G, L
Pinaattiohukaiset & puolukkahillo G, L
Lempeän tulinen bataattikeitto G, L

Download lunch menu for week 4 here ›

Week 5

Monday 31.01
Tapolan mustamakkara & puolukkahillo L (saatavilla myös gluteenittomana)
Perunamuusi G, L
Pasta Carbonara & parmesan L
Lähi-idän linssikeitto G, L
Tuesday 01.02
Chorizo-broilervuoka G, L
Siikapihvit sitruunakastikkessa G, L
Skånen perunat G, L
Maa-artisokkakeitto G, L
Wednesday 02.02
Porsaanleike pippurikermakastikkeella L
Lohkoperunat G, L
Portobellorisotto G, L
Savupaprikakeitto G, L
Thursday 03.02
Paimenenpaistos G, L
Pesto-juustopasta kirsikkatomaateilla L
Hernekeitto G, M
Friday 04.02
Makkarapihvit, paistettua sipulia & paprikaa cheddarjuustokastikkeella G, L
Ristikkoperunat G, L
Janssoninkiusaus G, L
Kasvis-borssikeitto & smetana G, L

Download lunch menu for week 5 here ›

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