Ravintola Helinä

Restaurant Helinä is located on the campus of Technopolis Innopoli 3 in Espoo.

The lunch restaurant serves lunch and a variety of café products. Freshly baked, high-quality and varied café products are served daily from morning to afternoon.

You can also buy lunch and other products from us.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lunch Mon – Fri 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Vaisalantie 4
02130 Espoo

Phone 020 770 2448 
Email helina@linkosuo.fi 

Customer service

Cafe products

In addition to lunch, café products are available:

  • bread products
  • snacks
  • pastry
  • coffee and refreshments

In addition to lunch and café services, we prepare delicious offerings for meetings and various occasions.

Lunch on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 13 p.m.

Lunch buffet 11,30€
incl. lunch buffet, salad bar, water, breads and spreads, coffee or tea.

Lunch list

Week 20

Monday 16.05
Jauhelihapihvejä & pekoni-punaviinikastiketta G, L
Janssoninkiusausta G, L
Kasvisboltseja itämaisella kastikkeella M, VEG
Juuressosekeittoa G, L
Keitettyjä perunoita G, M, VEG
Parsa- ja kukkakaalia G, M, VEG
Päivän shotti G, M, VEG

Minced meat patties & bacon-red wine sauce G, L
Anchovy and potato casserole G, L
Vegetable dumplings with oriental sauce M, VEG
Root vegetable puree soup G, L
Boiled potatoes G, M, VEG
Broccoli and cauliflower G, M, VEG
Days shot G, M, VEG
Tuesday 17.05
Jerkyn kanaa G, M
Maapähkinä-possu-nuudeliwokkia M
Maapähkinä tofu-kasvis-nuudeliwokkia M, VEG
Metsäsienikeittoa G, L
Basmatiriisiä G, M, VEG
Paahdettuja juureksia G, M , VEG
Päivän shotti G, M VEG

Jerkys chicken G, M
Peanut- pork – noodels wok G, M
Peanut – tofu – noodles wok G, M, VEG
Wild muhroom soup G, L
Basmati rice G, M, VEG
Roasted roots G, M, VEG
Days shot G, M, VEG

Wednesday 18.05
Pyttipannua & munakokkelia G, M
Butter Chicken G, L
Butter Chicken like G, M, VEG
Tomaattikeittoa G, M, VEG
Basmatiriisiä G, M, VEG
Paistettuja herkkusieniä ja juureksia G, M, VEG
Päivän shotti G, M, VEG

Frying pan & scrambled eggs G, M
Butter Chicken G, L
Butter Chicken Like G, M, VEG
Tomato soup G, M, VEG
Basmati rice G, M, VEG
Roasted mushrooms and roots G, M
Days shot G, M, VEG

Thursday 19.05
Limemaustetua turskaa & korianterijogurttia L
Chili con Carnea G, M
Chili con Härkis G, M, VEG
Vuohenjuustokeittoa G
Riisiä G, M, VEG
Paahdettuja perunoita G, M, VEG
Paahdettuja kasviksia & siemeniä G, M, VEG
Päivän shotti G, M, VEG

Lime seasoned cod & coriander yoghurt L
Chili con Carne G, M
Chili con Härkis G, M, VEG
Goat cheese soup G
Rice G, M
Roasted chili potatoes G, M
Roasted vegetables & seeds G, M
Days shot G, M, VEG

Friday 20.05
Possun leikettä & choronkastiketta M
Falafelpihvejä & vegetsatsikia G, M, VEG
Maa-artisokkakeittoa G, L
Perunasosetta G, L
Paahdettuja hunajaporkkanoita G, M
Päivän shotti G, M, VEG

Perjantain Chef´s Grill: Pulled Pork Burger & lohkoperunoita L

Download lunch menu for week 20 here ›

Restaurant Helina’s conference catering and catering

We have a long history as an organizer of parties and meetings.
You can find our conference catering in Meeting and from there you can place an order at a suitable time.

In addition to conference catering, catering is our strong expertise. You will find ready-made menus for the evening, which always include Linkosuo’s rye and oat chips. In addition to ready-made menus, we will be happy to help you plan a menu that suits your occasion.