Café Linkosuo Esplanadi

A lunch cafe located in the heart of Helsinki, with high-quality meeting facilities and professional banquet service.

Linkosuo is a new acquaintance at Esplanadi, but our roots go back to Pirkanmaa, where we have been operating since 1936. Linkosuo’s story began with the restaurant Emmaus. It was founded by Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo in the courtyard of a modest hotel. The courage to try something new still guides our activities. Today, Linkosuo combines modern product development and classic recipes.

Our premium meeting rooms

Through us, you can book meeting rooms for both smaller and larger events. All our meeting rooms are equipped with modern presentation technology, free wireless internet connection and you can easily order catering through us. Check out our meeting rooms and ask us for an offer!


Eteläesplanadi 8
00130 Helsinki
Phone: +358207702493

Restaurant manager: Anni Mettälä

Serving hours:

Mon – Fri 8:00-17:00

Our sauna and pool space for a relaxing end to a sauna evening or a meeting day

Sauna facilities are only rented to companies/associations.

You can spend even longer in gentle steams. Take a dip in the pool and enjoy your own favorite drinks. The cafe esplanadi upstairs is responsible for catering. Order salads for a wellness day or a more fuller menu for an evening out.

Breakfast kl. 8-10

Start your morning with the smell of freshly baked bread. Porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, sandwiches and lot´s of more.

Lunch on weekdays

Day´s soup and salad buffet 13,50 €

Soup 10,50 €

Salad 11,90 €

Lunch list

Week 9

Monday 26.02.
Runsas salaattipöytä
Kookos-bataattikeitto VEG, G

Fresh Salad Buffet
Coconut and Sweet Potato Soup VEG, G
Tuesday 27.02.
Runsas salaattipöytä
Kermainen sienikeitto L, G

Fresh Salad Buffet
Creamy Mushroom Soup L, G
Wednesday 28.02.
Runsas salaattipöytä
Pho-keitto VEG, G

Fresh Salad Buffet
Pho Soup VEG, G
Thursday 29.02.
Runsas salaattipöytä
Myskikurpitsakeitto L, G

Fresh Salad Buffet
Butternut Squash Soup L, G
Friday 01.03.
Runsas salaattipöytä
Mustajuurikeitto L, G

Fresh Salad Buffet
Black Salsify Soup L, G

Download lunch menu for week 9 here ›

Pictures of Café Esplanadi