MIN Asemakeskus

Welcome to our newest restaurant, Technopolis’s MIN Asemakeskus!

Our station centre restaurant is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from Tampere railway station. In the hotel-style setting, you can enjoy, for example, the Bakery Café and Wine Bar, as well as the Min Chéf dish of the day. In addition to our tasty home-cooked food, you will also find our delicious Veke novelties on the lunch menu.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sat-Sun: Open by appointment

Peltokatu 26
33100 Tampere

Phone 020 770 2470
Email: asemakeskus@linkosuo.fi
Restaurant Manager: Piritta Soininen

Linkosuon asiakaspalvelu- ja palautesivu

Restaurant services

In the 135-seat MIN restaurant of the Technopolis Asemakeskus, you can organise meetings and parties, as well as various evening and private events. Our restaurant is open on weekdays from morning to afternoon, so you can have customer meetings for breakfast, for example. We also deliver coffee to your company’s premises.

Facilities and menus

In Technopolis’s meeting rooms, you can also organise family parties, corporate events and other events on weekdays outside normal opening hours and at weekends. If you want to elevate the level of your opportunity, book our 9th floor VIP sauna space with a magnificent view over the rooftops of the city. The participants’ wellbeing is guaranteed by specially designed menus for the events, such as the saunamenu and family party menu.

Ask about our menus for the restaurant.

Book Technopolis’s meeting rooms here

What is MIN?

MIN is my restaurant where the chef fulfils my wishes. The stylish Scandinavian restaurant employs a passionate and proud chef who makes use of seasonal ingredients just for me. Each serving is prepared with a big heart and solid expertise. In the kitchen, listen to my wishes, read my thoughts and surprise me. The chef is constantly looking for new flavours, but strictly guards his best traditional recipes.

At the MIN restaurant, I am genuinely taken care of

Lunch agreements

When your company wants to do business in a restaurant as a billing customer, you can make an agreement with us for lunch. For more information, contact the restaurant manager by email (asemakeskus@linkosuo.fi) or by phone (020 770 2470).

PS. Please contact us when you want to organise a Christmas office party – or any other event. We have a long history of organising fun parties.

Lunch on weekdays from 10:30 to 13:30

Lunch € 11.30

1–4 years old 1 € / year
€ 6.50 for 5-11 year olds

Lunch list

Week 25

Monday 20.06
Härän jauhelihapihvejä picante-kuorrutuksella L,G ( saa G,M) & pippuriset kermaperunat G,L
Vuohenjuustoravioleja & kirsikkatomaatia & aurinkotomaattia & paahdettua perunaa G,M
Timjamipaahdetut punajuuret G, M
Päivän shotti G, VEG
Tofu-kasvispastaa VEG sekä Kaali-soijarouhekeittoa G, VEG

MIN CHEF- lautasannos 11,30€
Välimeren broilerisalaatti juustokuutioilla L,G

Minced beef steaks with Picante icing L, G (also G, M) & pepper cream potatoes G, L
Goat cheese ravioli & cherry tomatoes & sun tomatoes & roasted potatoes G, M
Thyme roasted beets G, M
Shot of the day G, VEG
Tofu vegetable pasta VEG and Cabbage soy soup G, VEG

Mediterranean chicken salad with cheese cubes L, G

Tuesday 21.06
Zaatar kanaa & tahinijugurttia G, L & basmatiriisiä G,M & paahdettu peruna G,M
Kermainen riista-perunapaistos leipäjuustolla G,L & puolukkahilloa G,M
Paahdettuja kasviksia & pinaattia G, M
Päivän shotti
Boltsi kauraisia siemenpyöryköitä VEG & rucoladippi G, VEG sekä Kolmen tomaatin keittoa VEG, G

MIN CHEF- lautasannos
Falafel-Halloumpita & tzatsiki & bataattiranskalaiset L
Zaatar chicken & tahini yogurt G, L & basmati rice G, M & roasted potato G, M
Creamy game casserole with bread cheese G, L & lingonberry jam G, M
Roasted Vegetables & Spinach G, M
Shot of the day
Boltsi oatmeal dumplings VEG & arugula dip G, VEG and Three tomato soup VEG, G

MIN CHEF plate
Falafel-Halloumpita & tzatsiki & sweet potatoes L

Wednesday 22.06

Lamminpään lumousta porsaan niskasta G, L (saa M,G) & paahdettua perunaa G,M
Tex Mex broilerilasagne L
Seesampaahdettuja kasviksia G, VEG
Päivän shotti
Lamminpään lumousta seitanista VEG sekä Voipapukeitto G, VEG

MIN CHEF- lautasannos 11,30€
Kana-Cheddar quesadillat & salsaa & quacamolea & pienet perunat L

Creamy & spicy pork stew G, L (gets M, G) & roasted potatoes G, M
Tex Mex chicken lasagne L
Sesame roasted vegetables G, VEG
Shot of the day
Creamy & spicy stew from seitan VEG and Butter bean soup G, VEG

Chicken-Cheddar quesadillas & salsa & quacamole & small potatoes L

Thursday 23.06

Paholaisen broilerin filettä G,M & Paahdettua perunaa G,M
Hodareita & nakkeja & paahdettua sipulia & chilimajoneesia & kurkkusalaattia
Paahdettuja porkkanoita & siemeniä G,M
Päivän shotti
Vegaanisia hodareita & VEG, & Kasvissosekeitto VEG,G

MIN CHEF-lautasannos 11,30€
Oklahoman Onion burgeri – Montenery jack juustoa, crispy fries & Whiskey BBQ-dippi VL

Devil’s Chicken Fillet G, M & Roasted Potatoes G, M
Hodars & Sausages & Roasted Onions & Chili Mayonnaise & Cucumber Salad
Roasted Carrots & Seeds G, M
Shot of the day
Vegan Hodars & VEG, & Vegetable Soup VEG, G

Oklahoma Onion Burger – Montenery Jack Cheese, Crispy Fries & Whiskey BBQ Dip LL

Friday 24.06

Download lunch menu for week 25 here ›

Week 26

Monday 27.06
Sitruuna-timjamibroileria G, M & Yrttiriisiä G, M
Paahdettuja ruusukaaleja & auringonkukansiemeniä G, M

Päivän shotti
Kasvispihvejä G, VEG & tahinijogurttia G, VEG
Linssi-kasvissosekeittoa G, VEG

Lemon and thyme chicken G, M & Herb rice G, M
Spinach ricottacannellons
Roasted Brussels sprouts & sunflower seeds G, M

Shot of the day
Vegetable steaks G, VEG & tahini yoghurt G, VEG
Lentil-vegetable puree soup G, VEG
Tuesday 28.06
Kalaa tilli-katkaraputäytteellä & ruohosipulikermaviilikastiketta
Puerto Ricon pannua & chilimajoneesia L (Saa M,G)
Riisiä VEG,G & Uuden sadon perunoita VEG,G
Paahdettuja rosmariinikasviksia G,VEG

Päivän shotti
Marokkolainen tofu & riisiä sekä Punajuuri-kookoskeitto G, VEG

Fish with dill-shrimp filling & chives cream sauce
Puerto Rican Pan & Chili Mayonnaise L (Saa M, G)
Rice VEG, G & New Harvest Potatoes VEG, G
Roasted rosemary vegetables G, VEG

Shot of the day
Moroccan tofu & rice and beetroot coconut soup G, VEG

Wednesday 29.06
Porsaan poskea baskilaisittain G,M & paahdettua perunaa G,M
Pollo Limonello- sitruksinen kanapasta L parmesania VL
Paahdettua parsakaalia & porkkanaa G, M

Päivän shotti
Sieni-nyhtökaurapyttipannua & yrttimajoneesi G, VEG & sekä Porkkana-inkiväärikeitto G, VEG

Pork cheeks Basque G, M & roasted potatoes G, M
Pollo Limonello- citrus chicken L parmesan LL
Roasted broccoli & carrots G, M

Shot of the day
Mushroom-oatmeal pan & herb mayonnaise G, VEG & and Carrot-ginger soup G, VEG

Thursday 30.06
Kanaleikkeitä valkosipuli-yrttitäytteellä & taivaallista majoneesia VL saa G,M
Riisiä & paahdetut perunat
Melanzane – Italialainen munakoiso-mozzarellavuoka G,VL
Paahdettuja kauden kasviksia & siemeniä G,VEG

Päivän shotti
Välimerellinen papupata & aioli VEG,G & Bataattisosekeitto G, VEG

Chicken with garlic-herb filling & heavenly mayonnaise LL gets G, M
Rice & Roasted Potatoes
Melanzane – Italian eggplant-mozzarella casserole G, VL
Roasted seasonal vegetables & seeds G, VEG

Shot of the day
Mediterranean Bean Stew & Aioli VEG, G & Sweet Potato Soup G, VEG

Friday 01.07
Karamellisoitu porsaan flank steak M,G, pico de gallo
Yrteillä maustettuja Paahdettuja perunoita G,VEG
Texsaspete wings & auradippi ,G,L
Glaseerattuja uunijuureksia G,VEG

Päivän shotti
Tex mex tortillavuokaaa Soijalla ja linsseillä & avocadodipppi VEG sekä Tomaatti-basilikakeitto VEG,G

Caramelized pork flank Steak M, G, pico de Gallo
Roasted potatoes with herbs G, VEG
Chicken wings with hot sauce & blue cheese dip, G, L
Glazed oven roots G, VEG

Shot of the day
Tex mex tortilla with soy and lentils & avocado dip VEG and Tomato basil soup VEG, G

Download lunch menu for week 26 here ›

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