Our business

Linkosuo meets many different customer needs with its business. Our lunch restaurant and café serve the entire Pirkanmaa region, offering tasty salads, home-cooked lunches and delicacies from Linkosuo’s own bakery. We are especially known for our tasty dry bread, which is crumbled all the way to China. In addition to bakery and café operations, Linkosuo’s party services help to organize memorable events.

Linkosuo is a family business of more than 80 years, whose business is still the responsibility of the founding family. We continue the tasty mission of our founders Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo, which began in Tampere in 1936.

Linkosuo Oy – building a delicious life

Linkosuo Oy owns Linkosuon Leipomo Oy and Linkosuon Kahvila Oy. We employ a total of 191 people. The Linkosuo bakery and production kitchen are located in Kangasala. Linkosuo’s cafés (9), lunch restaurants (5) and staff restaurants (6) mainly serve the Tampere area.

In 2019, EUR 12.5 million of Linkosuo Oy’s net sales consisted of bakery operations and EUR 9.3 million from café operations. 13% of the bakery’s turnover came from exports, e.g. to the Baltics and Sweden. Our products are also exported to the Nordic countries, Europe and widely in Finland. Linkosuo’s bakery products are widely known in Finland.

We are a pioneer in the bakery industry in Finland and we continue to innovate in this area. In addition to fresh products, the Linkosuo bakery has developed into a specialist in dry bread products in particular, and the strategic goal of the bakery is to be an international snack and snack company. We will continue to invest in responsibility. We prefer domestic flavors and local production. We will achieve this goal together with carefully selected primary producers and suppliers.