Frequently asked questions

Where are Linkosuo Bakery’s products manufactured?
All products are manufactured in Kangasala, Pirkanmaa.

Do Linkosuo Bakery’s products contain preservatives?
No. All our retail products are preservative-free.

How do dry bread products survive without preservatives?
Bread products are preserved without preservatives due to their low water content (cf. flour, cereals, other dry products). In addition, the shelf life of rye products is improved by sour root, which lowers the pH of the product.

What is the origin of the grain used in Linkosuo Bakery?
Currently, all rye, wheat and oats are 100% domestic grain and come from a Finnish mill.

Why are products discontinued?
We monitor consumer preferences, so our selection is constantly being renewed.

Why are Linkosuo oat products not gluten-free?
Oat products are produced on the same production lines as other gluten-containing products. The lines are cleaned after each production batch. As the products are manufactured on the same lines, in accordance with the labelling legislation, the products are marked “may contain”.

How is the packaging of our products recycled?
Our packaging is mainly recycled for plastic and cardboard collection. We are constantly striving to develop packaging materials in a more ecological direction. We are also one of the responsible producers of Suomen Pakkaus Rinki Oy. Depending on the packaging material, the packaging can be disposed of by incineration, or sorted for plastic or cardboard collection. You can find more detailed recycling instructions in our packaging.

Can we find vegan products?
Yes, you can find and identify these products by the vegan brand on the packaging.

When should I order products and cakes at the latest?
Ordered products must be ordered no later than two business days before the desired pick-up date. In the case of a larger order or a more special cake, the order is needed well in advance – however, no later than 5 working days before the desired pick-up date.

When should bigger occasions like weddings be confirmed at the latest?
The wedding must be confirmed no later than one month before the event. The final number of people for the wedding party is required no later than two weeks before the event.

When are the events invoiced, and what payment terms do you have?
Festivities are invoiced after the event when the actual service hours are known. The invoice is 14 days net, which means that the payment period is two weeks.

How are special diets considered in the order?
We always take special diets into account when they are announced when ordering. The most common special diets (lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetable-free) are taken into account at the party free of charge. Other special diets are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Can you bring your own products in addition to those offered by Linkosuo?
If the party is at your own premises, you can agree with the party service on your possible individual products. Your products must be clearly marked.