Restaurant Kalevanpaasi offers lunch, banquet and conference services. Linkosuo’s lunch restaurants offer home-cooked lunches made with local ingredients. There is always freshly brewed Paulig coffee, as well as delicious pastries and stuffed breads from Linkosuo’s own bakery and kitchen.

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The restaurant has three separate spaces where you can celebrate your own occasion

  • Topaasisali 15–42 persons 
  • Safiirisali 15–40 persons
  • Paasisali 25–70 persons

All our banquet and meeting rooms have a video camera and a screen. There is unobstructed access from the premises to the Sapphire Hall, and the Paasisali has a lift and a toilet for the disabled.

Premise rental is always included in the offer. Please note that we do not rent premises without serving.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 08.30 – 14.30 

Ballrooms open at weekends by appointment. Ballrooms can also be rented for evening events on weekdays.

Sarvijaakonkatu 5 B 
33540 Tampere
Katso sijainti kartalla

Phone 020 770 2484 
Email: kalevanpaasi@linkosuo.fi 
Restaurant Manager: Anni Vesamäki

Linkosuon asiakaspalvelu- ja palautesivu

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020 770 2484 

Breakfast from 08:30 to 10:00

Breakfast 6.90

  • Porridge, jam
  • Breads, cold cuts
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Egg
  • Juice
  • Coffee Tea

Lunch on weekdays from 10.30 to 13.30

Buffet lunch €10.80
Includes hot food, salad bar, bread, spread, food drink and coffee or tea and biscuits

Soup lunch €9.30
Includes soup, salad bar, bread, spread, food drink and coffee or tea and biscuits.

Soup €7.50
Including soup, bread, spread and food drink.

Salad buffet €8.50
Includes a fresh salad bar, bread, spread, food drink and coffee or tea and biscuits.

Senior lunch €9.10
Soup lunch for seniors €8.10

Children 1–4 years: €1/year
Children’s lunch for 5–11-year-olds €6.50

From 13.30 to 13.40, leftovers from the lunch table: small 4 €, big 6 €.

Lunch list

Week 25

Monday 20.06
Pähkinäbroileria G, L
Uunikalaa valkoviinikastikkeessa G, L
Kesäkeitto G, L
Tuesday 21.06
Naudan palapaisti G, L
Broilerwokki G, M & Kasviswokki G, M, VEG
Bataatti-vuohenjuustokeitto G
Wednesday 22.06
Lasagne L & Kasvislasagne L, VEG
Ranskalainen kanapata L (saa myös G)
Kermainen lohikeitto G, L
Thursday 23.06
Tortilla Buffet
*Cheddarkastiketta, salsaa, fetajuustoa ja valkosipulidippiä G, L
Hernekeitto G, M & Kasvishernekeitto G, M, VEG
Pannukakku L (saa G) & mansikkahillo
Friday 24.06
Mukavaa juhannusta!

Download lunch menu for week 25 here ›

Week 26

Monday 27.06
Chorizopyörykät & savupaprikakermakastike G,L
Kasvis-kikhernecurry (G,M,VEG) & vihannes-couscous (M,Veg)
Katkarapukeitto G,L
Tuesday 28.06
Intialainen kanakorma (G,L) & basmatiriisi
Kaalikääryleet (G, L) & Kasviskaalikääryleet (G, L)
Parsakeitto (G, L)
Wednesday 29.06
Ylikypsää possua bbq-kastikkeessa (G, L)
Bordelaise kala (G, L) & tartarkastike (G, L)
Itämainen kasviskeitto (G, M, VEG)
Thursday 30.06
Metsästäjän kanapata G,L
Lindströmin pihvit (G,M) & tumma sipulikastike (G,M)
Kasvispihvit G,M,VEG
Hernekeitto (G,M) & kasvishernekeitto (G,M,VEG)
Pannukakku (L) & mansikkahillo
Friday 01.07
Rapeat kanapalat (L, saa myös G) & kurkkumajoneesi G,L
Ristikkoperunat G, M
Välimeren kasvis-pastavuoka L,VEG
Makkarakeitto G, M

Download lunch menu for week 26 here ›

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