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Linkosuo Restaurant Hertta is a lunch restaurant that is also suitable for various business and private events. The restaurant is in the Hermia (Hermia 11) area, just off the Hervanta highway, on the Technopolis property. Santaniemi Oy has been responsible for the interior design of the spacious and modern restaurant. The restaurant hall has 135 seats, and in summer, a terrace of about 40 seats.

Opening hours:

Mon–Fri: 8.00-15.00

The space is open at weekends by appointment. Space can also be rented for evening events on weekdays.

Hermiankatu 1
33720 Tampere

Phone 020 770 2453
Email: hertta@linkosuo.fi
Restaurant Manager: Kirsi Rinne

Linkosuon asiakaspalvelu- ja palautesivu

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Through Cardu, you can take advantage of the lunch pass. You will receive a stamp from all normally priced buffet lunches. Sixteenth lunch free! Two stamps/day, passport is personal.

Lunch on weekdays from 10:30 to 13:30

Buffet lunch € 10.50
Includes hot food, salad, bread, spread, food drink and coffee and biscuits.

Soup € 7.90
Includes soup, bread, spread, food drink and coffee and biscuits.

Senior lunch: € 9.10
Children 1–4 years: 1 € / year
Children’s lunch 5-11 years: € 6.50

Lunch list

Week 40

Monday 03.10
Mojo rojo broileria&salsa vedre kermvaviili L,G
Tofu kungpao M,G,VEG (sis. pähkinää)
-paistettu sipuli riisi
Keitto: Rosmariini sienikeitto L,G
Chef’s menu:Naudanposkea, bourbon bbq kastiketta&timjami perunaa M

Tuesday 04.10
Rapeaa Siemenleivitettyä seitä&kapris fraiche L
-Juures muusi& rakuuna paahdetut punajuuret
Moskovan naudanlihapata L,G
Keitto:Broiler maissi chowder L,G
Chef*s menu:Kasvis lasagne L
Wednesday 05.10
Char siu possua M,G
Kasvis-jalopeno nugetit&retiisi jogurtti L,G
Keitto: Purjoinen kalakeitto L,G
Chef’s menu:Nacho broileria,kauden kasviksia&chili majoneesi M,G
Thursday 06.10
Appelsiini-chili broileri M,G
-paahdettua parsakaalia ja porkkanaa
Marokkolainen linssi-tofupata M,G,VEG
Keitto: Juustoinen juuresose keitto L,G
Chef’s menu: Naudanliha burgeri,paistettua sipulia&kouruperunoita M
Friday 07.10
Porsaan kuvetta olut-BBQkastikkeessa M
-Haudutettua kaalia&prezel perunoita
Kermainen broiler-juures pyttipannu dijon sinapilla L,G
Keitto: Riesling höystetty fenkoli-kalakeitto L,G
Chef’s menu:Kokin kurpitsapihvit juurespedilla&tahini ogurttia L,G
Jälkiruuaksi:Puolukka-kinuski rahkaa&paistettuja prezeleitä

Download lunch menu for week 40 here ›

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