Mozzarella and onion Rye Crisps 150 g

Mozzarella and red onion flavoured
dried and crispy rye crisps

  • Baked with the house’s own sour dough
  • 100% domestic grains
  • High fibre
  • Enjoy straight from the bag or with delicious fillings.

  • Ingredients

    Whole wheat flour (66%)

    Wheat flour

    spice mix [maltorextrin, sugar, whey powder (milk), onion, salt, cheese powder (e.g. mozzarella), spices (garlic, black pepper, oregano, white pepper), cream powder, red onion, yeast extract, acidity regulators (lactic acid, citric acid), beetroot powder, natural flavors ]

    rapeseed oil




  • Allergens

    Rye, wheat (glutein)

    Milk, low-lactose

  • Nutritional value / per 100g:

    Energy 1581 kJ / 376 kcal

    fat 8,8 g

    of which saturated fattu acids 1,1 g

    carbohydrates 58 g

    0f which sugar 3,1 g

    dietary fiber 14 g

    Protein 9,6 g

    Salt 9,6 g

  • Further information

    Packaging recycling: for the collection of plastic packaging

    The packaging is printed using the environmentally friendly EGP method in Finland