The Cheese tray of three Mini Crispbreads

The cheese tray is an all-time favorite for serving! These delicacies, combined with Mini Crispbreads, will bring new kinds of taste experiences to the gourmet table that you can’t forget.


1 bag Mininäkkäri dark and malty

1 bag Mininäkkäri sweet potato and carrot

1 bag Mininäkkäri grains and sea salt

100g/ Brie

100 g /smoked cheese

100 g/Iberico cheese

box of strawberries

box of grapes

(1 pack of cream cheese)


Cut the cheeses into suitable pieces and place them on a large tray. Add the halved strawberries and whole grapes to the tray. Add cream cheese to a small bowl.

Enjoy with Mini Crispbreads.

Products used in the recipe